Face wash home made is the best

Hi Friends, It's been a lovely time of year with all the new sunshine we're having. I am surely enjoying it!!! One thing that get's me going in the morning is the sunshine and if I can have refreshing happy things in my morning shower, it makes the sun glow even more!

As promised, I said I'd let you know what changes I was making for more pure products. One big one is my face wash. Once I discovered how much was hidden in my face wash, I was very irritated. Just the fragrance alone, I learned doesn't have to be disclosed by the FDA what it is. It could be alcohol based fragrance and no one would know because it's part of the "fragrance". That really frustrated me.

I was on a mission. I knew I could do better and more importantly I knew I could figure it out with what I had or close to it. This is what I did, it took minor tweaking, but I really am enjoying it.

#1. A foaming soap pump (I have rinsed out used one's and they work fine). I've also found inexpensive one's on Amazon too.

#2. Pour about 1" of castile soap in the bottle.

#3. Add water.

#4. Add your favorite oil. I like organic jojoba, but you can use any that you prefer, even olive oil or coconut oil.

#5. Add in your favorite essential oils for your face. I've added lavender and tea tree, however I've heard of some adding copabia and myrrh and frankincense. Roman chamomile and lavender can be a very soothing combination depending on your skin. Only use the purest oils!! That is the most important to make sure you are using the best on your skin. I only use Young Living because they grow and harvest all their own plants for their oils. They take care of their product from seed to when it's sealed in the bottle. There's a link on the blog for more information and how to order.

#6. Give it a little shake to mix and that's it, you're done! Super simple, very inexpensive and completely zero chemicals! Now if you want to add a label, you can do that or just leave it. Here's a photo of my label, but maybe you have something prettier.

#7. Enjoy! That was super easy and now I have the best and purest face wash that works! I LOVE it too! I've been using it now for a few weeks and I can tell one bottle will last at least a good month or more. That is just the best savings considering I made it for pennies!!! What are your favorite face wash smells? Are you ready to dive in and try your own special combination for your skin? Comment below to share what you like!!

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