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Homemade Body Wash!!!

I've experimented with some yummy smells for a body wash. My favorite is orange essential oil. It wakes me up and helps me feel happy. Which first thing in the morning is a wonderful way to start my day.

I've been on a kick to make my own, however I want to combat making sure I have no dryness and have something that would leave my skin feeling soft. I found the right combination!! Here is my recipe:

1 empty foaming soap bottle

1/2-1" of castile soap added to the bottle

8 eye droplets of jojoba oil

10 drops orange essential oil

fill bottle with water

lather rinse and repeat!

This is super easy and can be tweaked to your preference. I've also heard of people using coconut oil too. You could add peppermint or tangerine or rose or any other of your favorites!! It's super easy to tweak it and make it to how you would want it. Most importantly it's chemical free!!! Added bonus that it costs very little to make and the foaming soap bottles are reusable.

I'd love to hear what you are up to. Do you make your own skincare products? Have a favorite combination too? Please share in the comments.

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