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An App that will clean us up!

Hi Friends! Welcome back. I've been cleaning a lot lately. Perhaps it's spring, so I clean more? Well, I clean a lot all the time. Did I mention we have 3 boys? That's enough said with the cleaning, right?! I've been reading up A LOT lately on how to clean without a bunch of bad chemicals. What's really irritating is that we use these products to help keep our homes clean and they are actually harming us. Not nice one bit!

Still bothersome is the fact that products that claim that they are "natural" and they are not. They may have ingredients that actually can hurt our bodily systems. Now I am

not a doctor or scientist, but I do read about what can harm our bodies a lot and it's super discouraging to know that even cancers have been linked to certain ingredients and they are still used in products today. That's why taking our own health and wellness in our own hands makes sense.

Okay, so where does one start? I started a few years ago researching products via the internet and just reading up. Learning about ingredients. Then I started to slowly make steps towards changing out those products for healthier options. Now, I am very budget aware and didn't want to have to throw out anything, but the very first thing that went was the soap I had washed my kids in for years. When I learned it was full of harmful ingredients, out-it-went-pronto! Our skin is an organ and it absorbs everything we put on it. I didn't want my precious gems skin absorbing chemicals that could harm them. No way!

Today I want to share with you a super cool App called "Think Dirty". What's neat about it is it reads barcodes. It reads the barcode and spits out what's good and what's bad about it. It will score it with how high it's "dirty". For example

This was off my dish soap. A 9?! I was horrified! It didn't list it's ingredients and I thought it was pretty safe given it says on the front "pure and clear".

I thought I had a decent product.

I tossed it out! This 9 on the toxic chart was gone! No more risking carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity and allergy and immune toxicity! I was pretty mad. You should be mad too that we are mislead by companies that make promising health claims and they are not even required to list all or some of their ingredients. We have to take charge. Get this App!

Now I learned about this wonderful App from Melissa Michaels at If you haven't visited her blog, you must! She's awesome!!!

I'll be posting more here in the near future about what I've been replacing those products with, so stay tuned for some great ideas. To get started with some natural awesome products, there is a link on my page to Young Living essential oils. They have a ton of wonderful all natural and pure products that you can buy and they have the best essential oils to make your very own too. Let me know in the comments below about any natural changes you have or will be making in your home. I'd love to hear from you!!

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